Exoplanter™ – A Smart Planter That Needs No Watering

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The Ultimate Solution To Prevent Over- and Under-Watering Your Plants

Meet Exoplanter – The world’s first smart planter that uses air moisture to water your plants while monitoring their demand via smart soil sensors.

Product FAQs

  • What plants should I put in the Exoplanter?

    The Exoplanter with its self-watering capabilities works great for almost any kind of plant and waters them according to their water requirements. Some low-maintenance plants recommended by our users include Asparagus Ferns, Money Plants, African Violets, Peace Lilies, Aloe, and Snake Plants.

  • Does the Exoplanter have a drainage hole?

    Nope, a drainage hole is not required as the Exoplanter prevents overwatering by using data from the soil sensors.

  • Can the Exoplanter be used as a humidity controller?

    Yes, the Exoplanter can help balance humidity levels in humid spaces, especially paired with plants that help lower indoor humidity.

  • Can the Exoplanter be used as an air purifier?

    The Exoplanter encourages air to flow towards your plant and when you have an air-purifying plant, it increases the air-purifying capability of the plant.

  • What temperatures does the Exoplanter work in?

    The Exoplanter works best within a temperature range from 32°F (0°C) to 114°F (45°C)  and humidity over 20%.

  • How much water can the Exoplanter generate?

    The water tank is 70 ml and Exoplanter generates water according to the plant’s requirement.

  • How much power does the Exoplanter use?

    The Exoplanter uses an energy-efficient technology with a power usage of only 36W/hour.


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    Now You Can Travel Freely Without Worrying About Your Plants

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    7 reviews for Exoplanter™ – A Smart Planter That Needs No Watering

      Exoplanter™ - A Smart Planter That Needs No Watering photo review
      Victoria Moore
      Shipping was very quick. Easy set up...I bought 2 so far. I just planted my first plants in it tonight. Planting the other one later this week.
      Exoplanter™ - A Smart Planter That Needs No Watering photo review
      Jessica Foxx
      As lately I have been away from home for work , more often than before, I had to get a backup plan for my living plant . Besides family and neighbor , who help out, they are not always 100% reliable .To the rescue : the self-watering planter pot for my Josie ( my plant’s name, and yes I talk to her ). At first I was skeptical about this technology and wondered if Josie’s life was at stake, but it’s been over two weeks and all is well. Thanks to mama who took picture of my Josie, Josie is alive and well.I think the planter works like a humidifier , but just the opposite . It collects the humidity from exterior, your living space , and electronically converts that humidity to water, which it stores at bottom of planter in a water reservoir. There are two sensors at the base of planter which sense when plant is dry and then feeds water to plant when it is dry . The planter comes with an electric cable that you plug into your AC outlet. Pretty cool stuff.The bottom of planter has a cool neon blue dim light which goes great with my other blue lights I have around the house and it gives the planter pot a sleek hi-tech look.Most important to me is that my Josie ( plant) is alive and healthy. Enough said there .
      Exoplanter™ - A Smart Planter That Needs No Watering photo review
      I am planning on leaving home for about a month to visit family. One thing that worries me, however, is who could take care of my plants. I invested a lot of time and energy in finding the best method to water my plants when I am away and this product is definitely the best one I found! After closely monitoring all the methods, this one works the best as the pot is constantly keeping my plant watered. It looks healthy — I believe even more healthier compared to before. I am so happy with this purchase, definitely worth the money!
      Exoplanter™ - A Smart Planter That Needs No Watering photo review
      It comes in a box with easy to use instructions. It's simple to use. You just plug in your USB power supply and it then begins collecting the moisture in the air. Wait atleast three days to plant your plants after it's collected some moisture. I've replanted spinach in mine and it's thriving!
      Exoplanter™ - A Smart Planter That Needs No Watering photo review
      It really a brilliant idea to put the dehumidifier and planter together, and it delivers a great result. This pot is perfect to grow cooking herbs and succulent, the build-in dehumidifier can provide quite sufficient water for growing. The best part is that it won't consume too much energy, my energy monitoring app detects it will surprisingly cost no more than 40 kWh per year which is less than a dollar, which makes me never need to bother about watering it. The appearance of the pot is also very nice, really like it.
      Exoplanter™ - A Smart Planter That Needs No Watering photo review
      Amber Godwin
      There are 7 things included in the box. It comes with a charger base, a USB type C cord, the pot, a flat absorbent disc, and 2 absorbent rods. Now I thought this was a risky purchase considering that there was only 3 reviews at the time that I purchased it but it turns out to be legit. When I took it out the box and set it up I thought it was not working because no water was coming out for about 2 hours but after about 4 or 5 hours some water started to come out and everything was fine since then. I might even do a youtube video review on this because there are literally no videos on youtube for this product. I highly recommend this to everyone.
      Exoplanter™ - A Smart Planter That Needs No Watering photo review
      Very nice looking plant pot, self watering makes easy for traveling out from home.
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